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Dallas Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals

What’s the worst thing about having to attend outdoor parties (aside from the mosquitoes)? Using a porta potty! The Fancy Flush is changing the way people use outdoor bathrooms with a full line of Dallas luxury restroom trailers. With eight options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect restroom trailer for your special event.

What are Dallas Luxury Restroom Rentals?

If you haven’t heard or seen them before, luxury restroom trailer rentals in Dallas TX look just like a bathroom you might find at a hotel or upscale restaurant – except that it’s on wheels. The Fancy Flush doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to offering customers the highest quality amenities. We believe that using the restroom should be relaxing and refreshing – even it’s in the middle of an outdoor park!

Here are some of the amenities that you can find in our luxury restroom trailers in Dallas TX.

  • Flushable toilets
  • Running water
  • Stainless steel lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Air conditioning
  • Corian countertops
  • Porcelain toilets and sinks
  • Separate male and female entrances

What Events are Dallas Luxury Restroom Trailers Best For?

Any event that you host outdoors can benefit from restroom trailers. After all, when people gotta go, they gotta go! Some of the most common events that our luxury restroom rentals in Dallas TX are used for are weddings, festivals, family reunions, anniversary parties and baby showers.

Another great use for our Dallas luxury restroom trailer rentals is for when people have remodeling work done on their bathrooms. People often forget that they may not have access to their restrooms, and therefore, will need to find alternative accommodations. Luckily, Dallas luxury restroom rentals get the job done without having to lose any dignity.

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Whether you’re planning an elegant outdoor wedding or a 50th wedding anniversary, don’t expect your guests to use the picnic bathrooms. Give them a taste of luxury with the Dallas luxury restroom trailers from The Fancy Flush.